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Desa Park City

Desa Park City is an affluent township located at the northwest side of Kuala Lumpur, adjacent to Bandar Sri Menjalara. It is within close proximity to Kepong and Bandar Sri Damansara. This neighbourhood was acquired and developed in 1999 by ParkCity Holdings, a subsidiary of Samling Group with community living in mind. It is hard to imagine that this 473 acre township, which gives such a great sense of comfort, security, peace and serenity to anyone who visits it, used to be a barren quarry mine. The houses have amazing designs and the town is planned well. It is no wonder then, that Desa Park City as well as the projects within the township have been the winners of multiple awards throughout the years. Awards such as THE EDGE Malaysia Property Development Excellence Award and 2016 International Property Award.

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The neighbourhoods in Desa Park City

The environment and atmosphere is great. It is peaceful, quiet and refreshing with many parks and grassy areas within the township. In addition, there is a lake in the middle of Central Park. It is no surprise that a visitor can drive up to this place and immediately fall in love with it. This is regardless whether that person is a local or an expatriate. It is reflected in the demographics which is made up of primarily Chinese but also included expats, Malays, Indians and other races. With regards to security, it is a gated township with 19 gated neighbourhoods in it. In other words, you would have to go through two security checks in order to go visit someone there.

In spite of the number of visitors to this place, it is still relatively safe with a lower crime rate compared to some other places in Kuala Lumpur. It is common to see people walking or cycling within the area and even students walking back from the International School to their homes. The guards patrolling the neighbourhood are vigilant as well, quick to ask visitors to leave the parks when it gets dark.

Neighbourhoods located within Desa Park City:
One Central Park
South Brooks
The Breezeway
The Mansions
The Northshore Gardens
The Westside One
The Westside II
Westside III

Accessibility in Desa Park City

With regards to accessibility, this township is easily accessible from some of the major highways, namely the Damansara-Puchong Highway (LDP), Middle Ring Road 2 and Penchala Link. For those travelling out of the state regularly, the North-South Expressway can be accessed within 15 mins of driving.

In addition to that, if a resident wants to go out to other popular haunts, IKEA Damansara, Ikano Power Centre, the Curve and 1Utama Shopping Centre are all within 10km radius, which translates to about 15-20 minutes in moderate to heavy traffic. However, while it is readily accessible for a person driving, there is a lack of public transport to the area. As a result, this area can get congested very quickly especially during peak hours with residents going in or out at the same time. With the exception of services like Grab or Uber, residents do not have a choice with regards to their mode of transport. Residents with families are generally advised to have more than one car for their convenience.

Amenities in Desa Park City

Desa Park City is a self-sustaining township, which makes it very convenient for the residents. It has almost everything within its borders. Some of the basic amenities include banks such as Maybank and CIMB to help you with your banking needs. There is even ParkCity Medical Centre by Sime Darby, which offers 24-hour emergency services. Parents who want to send their children to an international school can consider the International School @ ParkCity which encourages a lifelong habit of learning through creative thinking and practice. Admission is from the ages 3-18 years old.

To attest to freshness of this township, it has several parks within it. Even though Central Park is the main one that most people go to, there are the East and West Parks as well. It is not an unusual sight then, especially on weekends, to see runners and joggers in the parks. Not only that, because the parks are dog-friendly, it is common to see many dogs of various breeds walking with their owners. The well-trained ones are even walked off-leash. Having said that, the parks are still relatively clean, in part due to the provision of small plastic bags near the bins for owners to pick up after their dog.

For the sports enthusiasts, there is the ParkCity Club which is suitable for both adults and kids. Gym facilities, an Olympic-sized swimming pool, and tennis courts are just some of the many facilities available here. In addition, there is the Sportscenter with two-floodlit basketball courts and one FIFA-sized football field.


For those who want to take a break from working out, there are malls with a wide array of shops and restaurants to appease all sorts of palette, both shopping and taste buds. Some of these places are pleasing to the eyes as well. For example, the Waterfront has restaurants facing Central Lake, which makes an ordinary meal for two into a special romantic one. Not only that, the design for Plaza Arcadia is a unique blend of British colonial architecture and modern contemporary design, which makes it stylish and trendy. For those who prefer cooking at home, groceries can also be purchased from Aeon in the Waterfront and Village Grocer in Plaza Arkadia.

Things to do in Desa Park City

As a whole, it is a nice getaway and to unwind from the hustle and bustle of the big city. As mentioned above, there are many parks within the township which are regular haunts for runners and joggers. Being one of the few dog-friendly parks in Kuala Lumpur, dog owners regularly flock to this place. Also, they enjoy the fresh air with man’s best friend or to socialize with other dogs. For those with puppies, obedience classes are conducted regularly at the park as well. Moreover, it is normal to see people having a picnic in the park or by a small waterfall. There will be children flying their kites or even feeding the fish by the lake. Moreover, some people also claimed that there is also a spot within the area that overlooks the entire Kepong region.

Because it is such a well-planned town, there is little reason for residents to leave town to access to shop, dine or even relax with some sports. In fact, this town also organizes a yearly Inter-Neighbourhood Soccer and Basketball Tournament. This is order to encourage better relationships within the community.


Desa Park City is a place which is easy to grow fond of, regardless of the individual. It is of no surprise why investors have quickly profited from this place. Buyers considering a property here should pay a visit first to get a sense of the atmosphere here as words would not adequately describe it. They do not merely buy a property here; they buy the community lifestyle, the security, the green and peaceful environment which come with it. There is a great emphasis on community living, unlike some housing areas in the Klang Valley. At the same time, it is preserving the tranquility of being close to nature. It is reminiscent of the old days in the kampung but with better amenities.

Houses or condominium units in this area are definitely more expensive than some properties in the surrounding area, such as Bandar Sri Damansara or Kepong. Nevertheless, it is definitely worth considering if you can afford it. It is a convenient township with everything within a short drive, or even within 30-minute of walking time, depending on where you are staying. The only concern is the lack of public transport which can cause some inconvenience to some families, especially bigger ones. However, if you are willing to overlook that and pay the amount on the price tag, this would surely be a place where both individuals and families. You can enjoy the convenient life in a city but also the tranquil, serene and relaxed life in the countryside.