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Is your house covered against damage?

Imagine coming back from work late one night to find your house flooded! A burst pipe from your bathroom upstairs had caused part of the floor/ceiling to collapse. Almost all of the interior fittings, furniture, electrical appliances and perhaps your precious collection of watches had been destroyed — damaged by debris and water. Zurich General…

The Seven Most Overlooked Aspects Of Building Maintenance

When we hear news of mishaps such as fire, electrocution or building collapses, we are inadvertently reminded to check our own homes to prevent such untoward incidents. However, with so many aspects of a building to take care of, including its hardware and software, where do we begin, especially if we live in a stratified…

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PROJECT NAME: Parcel 1, Hatten City LOCATION: Melaka Raya, Melaka PROPERTY TYPE: Multitype LAND OWNERSHIP: Prolific Acres Sdn Bhd PRICE: Element Mall (RM2200/sf – RM3700/sf) Silverscape (RM515/sf – RM1250/sf) WEBSITE: www.hattencity/com

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